Ranch Activities at Knob Hill Ranch

Having a ranch in the high desert is like living a dream underneath the starlit sky with its impressive milkyway while watching the silhouettes of the famous and impressive Joshua Trees waving in the mellow night time winds. At our horse ranch, activities start very early in the morning during the hot summer months, like July, August and September. We feed the horses at around 6 am and are usually out on the trails by latest 8 am to enjoy the morning hours before the blazing heat around 2pm seems to stop all activity (even the ones of the lizards and snakes). Another good time to ride in the summer is after 4pm until sunset which is usually around 8pm in the Southern California hemisphere.

In the spring, fall and winter time, we start a little later since we can easily ride during the day. The temperatures in spring and fall are just wonderful. In the winter time, we can have a little snow for a couple of days, but usually the temperatures are around 30s at night and 50s during the day.

Guided Trail Rides

We offer several different kind of trail rides depending on the knowledege of the riders.

This is just a selection of trails we have on offer. Please, call us for more information!


1. Short west loop trail ride

This is a leasure trail ride through west loop trail towards black rock canyon campground, with views of Yucca Valley. A beginner could easily ride that trail. No big challenges, but great views and fun. Sunrise or sunset rides available.

Duration: about 1.5 hours

Skills: All skills welcome (Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced)

Price: $105/person

2. The scenic California Riding & Hiking Trail

This lovely 2.5-hour trail has something for everyone! We head into the Black Rock Canyon area which lies in the western most part of the National Park. We’ll take you up into the mountainous region for stunning views of the highest peak in Southern California - Mt. Gorgonio, through deep canyons filled with large Juniper bushes, Yucca plants and Mojave pine trees. We’ll wind you up and down and up and down through trails lined with the world-famous Joshua Trees. For the less experienced riders we can keep the pace at a nice walk, but there are some exciting galloping sections for the more experienced or comfortable riders. Whatever your preference, this trail has it all!

Duration: 2.5 hours

Skills: Beginner to Intermediate Riders welcome.

Price: $175/person

3. Scenic Black Rock Short Loop, Canyon View and Burnt Hill Trail

This is a beautiful trail through the western parts of Joshua Tree National Park. The Short Loop Trail winds through the valleys and hills until we hit the Canyon View Trail. This trail winds through the hills and on the ridges with great views of JT National Park. We come back down into the wash to ride up to Burnt Hill that leads into the Burnt Hill Trail. From there we slowly descend back to Black Rock Canyon Campground and back to the ranch.

This trail has ups and downs and only people who feel comfortable on their rental horse should participate. We offer "warm up" rounds in the round pen as well as lessons for people who would like to go "prepared".

Duration: 3.5 hours to 4 hours

Skills: Beginner to Intermediate Riders welcome.

Price: $280/person

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Joshua Tree National Park

4. Morongo View Trail

Another beautiful trail that stays on the westside of Black Rock Canyon Campground. We ride through wash that lies inside a little canyon. After several miles the canyon splits and we head right into Warren Peak Trail. From there on we go up and up. The last part of this trail is kind of a steeper incline, but on the plateau on top you will see the Coachella Valley, Palm Springs, Palm Desert down to Indio. The view is fantastic - not as impressive as Eureka Peak since it is not a 360 degree view, but nevertheless unforgettable.

Duration: 3.5 hours to 4 hours

Skills: Beginner to Intermediate

Price: $250/person


5. Eureka Peak

One of the most amazing trail rides offered in the National Park. On the California Riding and Hiking Trail we ride through easy but very impressive terrain most of the trail. The views are just mindblowing once you reach Eureka Peak with its 1681 m / 5516 ft. 360 degree views of the high desert. On good days you can see the Salton Sea and the Mexican border in the South and Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree as well as Twenty Nine Palms in the Northe, East and West. A memory you will never forget. We stop close to Eureka Peak for a sandwich and drinks. Take your camera! For the ones who want some adventure: There are some nice slopes uphill, if you want to give it a try (same counts for downhill). You can ride up on the ridge, if you are not afraid of heights. For the leasurly rider: there are comfortable trails around the steep inclines and the ledge and we just keep in easy terrain with the same impressive views. Nothing to worry about. It's your choice.

Duration: 5.5 hours to 6 hours

Skills: Intermediate to Advance Riders welcome.

Price: $365/person

Food: On Eureka we offer a little picnic with sandwiches, fruit, diverse refreshments etc.